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It is no secret that advancements in science and medicine are increasing our lifespan, but over 178 million Americans are still missing at least one tooth with over 35 million are completely toothless. Living without teeth can be a struggle, however, we offer the ideal solution to missing teeth—dental implants. Implants are composed of titanium posts that integrate into your jaw bone and are restored with a lifelike crown to give you the function and appearance of a natural tooth. With dental implants, we can help our patients live their entire lives with functional and attractive teeth, promoting self-confidence and an enjoyment of all life has to offer. Dental implants can be used to replace an individual missing tooth, all the way to complete arch replacement for an entire mouth of missing teeth.

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Dental Implants Provide Many Benefits

  • Prevent bone deterioration
  • Restore aesthetics to the smile
  • Stronger bite and chewing function
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Prevent shifting of surrounding teeth
  • Last a lifetime with proper care

  • The Dental Implant Process

    Whenever we restore a patient’s mouth with dental implants, we use the most advanced technology in the dental field to ensure accurate and effective treatment. The process begins with a highly detailed digital scan of your jaw and oral structure using a cone beam CT scan. This will show us your bone volume levels and location of nerves and tooth roots to allow us to accurately plan the placement of an implant. We use this scan to create an implant guide, which ensures precision and predictable placement during surgery. When placing the implant within the jaw, our doctors use surgical microscopes for a detailed, accurate view.

    Teeth-in-a-Day™ Restores Your Smile the Same Day as Your Appointment

    We also offer Teeth-in-a-Day™ using our advanced CEREC® same-day restoration machine and high-quality Nobel Biocare® dental implants. This process allows us to place your dental implant and restore it with a permanent and lifelike dental crown the same day as your appointment. We can use this process to replace individual missing teeth all the way to full arches of teeth. The benefit of Teeth-in-a-Day is that you will come out of surgery with a new set of teeth you can begin using immediately. For those with a full arch of missing teeth, you will not need to wear uncomfortable dentures during the healing process, but instead, have functional teeth on day one. Candidates for Teeth-in-a-Day are those who:

  • Are missing one, multiple or all their teeth
  • Have adequate jaw bone volume
  • Have a healthy oral structure
  • Want to restore their smile right away

  • Work with an Experienced Implant Team

    Our doctors consider how each dental implant will affect and appear in each patient’s smile. Dental implants can prevent bite collapse and jaw bone loss, essentially preventing the “aging” effect caused by missing teeth. Our goal is always to bring back the natural aesthetics and idealized function for each tooth we replace with an implant. For those with dental fear, Dr. Konstantin Rubinov is certified in IV sedation for the ultimate in anxiety-free treatments. Dr. Rubinov also has training from the American Academy of Implant Dentistry and is a Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantology. Dental implants can completely change your life for the better, so it is important to trust in those who are experienced in oral implantology.


    Are You a Candidate for Dental Implants?

    Dental implants are considered the gold standard of tooth replacement due to their oral health benefits, functionality and aesthetic look. However, to receive dental implants, a patient must have sufficient jaw bone volume to support the implant post. Without proper bone volume and density, the implant can fail due to not having enough support. We offer in depth dental implant consultations to identify if you are a candidate for surgery. Utilizing 3D CBCT scans provides us detailed information on your bone volume, and sometimes we will construct molds if multiple teeth are being replaced at once to ensure accuracy.

    While dental implants are often considered the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth, they are not always the best solution for everyone. Dental implants restore your bite and appearance and can also last for the rest of your life with proper care. However, if you do not have good at-home hygiene care or are worried about pre- and post-operative care like bone grafting or maintenance visits, dental implants might not be your best option.

    Schedule an appointment for your dental implant consultation and find out if you’d be a good candidate for surgery.


    Get Permanent New Teeth in One Day

    When you are missing teeth, self-confidence and quality of life drastically diminish. While there are temporary solutions to missing teeth, like dental bridges, they do not offer the stability and health benefits that a dental implant does. Traditionally, dental implants can take multiple visits and months to fully restore your smile, but at Williamsburg Dental Arts, we offer immediate implant placement and restoration. In the same day as your appointment, we can extract your teeth, place dental implants and restore them with CEREC dental crowns for a permanent new tooth. Patients enjoy the convenience of only having to make one visit to our office to give them a complete and natural new smile.


    Qualify for Dental Implants with Advanced Bone Grafting Treatments

    One of the key factors when it comes to placing dental implants is having adequate bone volume within the jaw to support the implant post. Bone loss often occurs when a tooth is not replaced soon after tooth loss or due to disease or trauma. We offer effective bone grafting treatment to restore lost bone volume and help qualify you for dental implants. Depending on your specific needs, we may need to perform different types of bone grafts.

    The bone grafting treatments we offer include:

  • Socket preservation – Replacing lost bone after a tooth has been extracted
  • Sinus lift – Replace bone in the upper molar area of the jaw, under the sinus cavity
  • Block graft – Standard bone grafting using a sample of bone from you or a donor
  • Ridge splitting graft – Used to help expand the ridge to make more space for implants


    Patients who are missing all their teeth or have many failing teeth are candidates for the All-on-4® dental implant procedure All-on-4 is able to give patients a complete arch of permanent new teeth the same day as their appointment. This is done by utilizing four to six dental implants strategically placed within areas of the jaw with the most bone. During the procedure our doctors will be able to extract your remaining teeth, place implants and attach a full arch prosthesis all during the same appointment.

    The benefits of the All-on-4 procedure is that you will never have to go without teeth after extraction and implant placement. With traditional full arch dental implant cases, there are multiple steps and lengthy recovery times before patients would be able to enjoy a complete smile. All-on-4 has streamlined the implant procedure and gives you the smile you desire in just one appointment.


    Effective Extraction of Problem Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom teeth are extra molars that begin developing within the jaw during the late teenage years for many patients. These teeth often do not have proper space to grow within the jaw and can become impacted, meaning they partially erupt from the bone. Impacted wisdom teeth often cause pain, can damage surrounding oral structure, easily become infected and can alter your bite, which is why we offer wisdom tooth extraction.

    We begin our extraction by performing a CT scan on your jaw to get a detailed view of your oral structures and where the wisdom teeth and nerves are located. You will then be sedated to give you an anxiety and pain-free surgery. Dr. Konstantin Rubinov is certified in advanced IV sedation, which puts patients in a dream-like state and makes surgery easy. We will then surgically extract the wisdom teeth being careful not to damage surrounding teeth and jaw nerves. After extraction, patients will be free of pain and infection caused by their problem wisdom teeth.


    Rejuvenate the Appearance of Your Smile with Cosmetic Gum Contouring

    The gums are more important to your oral health than many people imagine. They not only protect your sensitive tooth roots and hold your teeth in place, but also frame your teeth attractively when you smile. For those who are unhappy with the appearance of their gums, we offer cosmetic gum contouring treatments to improve the look and health of your gums. When performing gum contouring treatment, we utilize state-of-the-art laser technology for a gentle and scalpel-free treatment.

    For those with infected or diseased gum tissue, we can perform a gingivectomy treatment. This involves using our dental laser to gently remove diseased gum tissue from your smile without harming healthy tissue. Afterward your gums will be able to heal and reattach successfully to your teeth, limiting periodontal pocket depth and look healthy when you smile.

    Some patients suffer from a “gummy smile” that reveals too much gum tissue and makes their teeth look shorter. With gentle laser therapy, we can remove the excess tissue and expose more of the natural tooth crown. By removing the excess tissue, we minimize the areas for bacteria to gather and thrive and can expose covered areas that may be affected by decay. Cosmetically, patients enjoy a more natural look with longer teeth and a balanced smile.


    Periodontal (gum) disease can be a very aggressive infection: Left untreated, it can destroy the vital periodontal structures that protect teeth and maintain their attachment to the jaw. The end result—tooth loss—harms both your health and appearance.

    Controlling gum disease and ultimately restoring health and appearance to damaged gums and tooth-supporting bone requires aggressive treatment—sometimes even surgical measures. Periodontal (gum) surgery treats moderate to advanced disease.If the infection has caused deep periodontal pockets (5 mm or more) or has settled beyond the reach of manual scalers, then gum surgery may be needed to access, clean and repair the diseased areas.

    Flap surgery is one type of procedure used to access the deeper pockets of infection and clean them. The surgeon, usually a periodontist, creates a three-sided flap in the gum tissue, with one side still attached to the blood supply. The resulting opening resembles the flap of an envelope. Opening the flap, the surgeon can then access deep periodontal pockets to perform plaque removal, as well as repair receded gum tissue or lost bone. When finished, the surgeon then sutures the flap closed with self-dissolving stitches.

    Regenerative techniques may also be needed to re-grow lost tissue and bone. These involve the use of various grafting procedures to obtain tissue from the roof of the patient’s mouth or another source and attach it where needed. Once in place, the graft acts as a scaffold for new gum tissue to grow upon and develop. These micro-surgical techniques require meticulous skill (and some level of art) not only to place the grafting material so it is most conducive to growth, but also to fashion it cosmetically to achieve the most attractive result.

    These and similar procedures are usually performed with local anesthesia, sometimes supplemented with other sedation methods. Special cleaning instructions will be given to protect the site from further infection, and any minor discomfort after the procedure can usually be managed with anti-inflammatory medication (like ibuprofen) for a few days.


    Renew Your Gums and Your Smile with Effective Gum Grafting

    Your gum tissue is an important part of your smile and oral health, but when damage or recession occurs, your teeth and self-esteem become compromised. When you have damaged gum tissue, your teeth are more likely to become damaged due to the exposure of the sensitive tooth roots. In extreme cases of gum tissue loss, teeth can become lose, shift or even fall out. The most effective solution to lost gum tissue is soft tissue grafting. We will take a sample of tissue from the roof of your mouth or a donor source and suture it over the site of recession. Once healed, the graft will look seamless in your smile and cover exposed tooth roots as well as restore balance to your smile.

    Definition of Oral Surgery Terminology
    Crown Lengthening
    Crown lengthening is the procedure in which a professional removes an overgrowth of gum tissue from the teeth to make the teeth appear longer.
    Dental Implant Surgery
    Dental implant surgery involves inserting metal posts, usually consisting of titanium, into the jaw bone to attach abutments to and give patients the full functionality and visually-pleasing teeth.
    Facial Trauma
    Facial trauma can occur when someone is hit in the face by a ball or accidental elbow, along with smashing the face into objects such as a wall or steering wheel.
    Functional Dentistry
    Functional dentistry involves a strong focus on identifying the root cause of oral health issues and not just treating the symptoms.
    Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extraction
    Removing an impacted wisdom tooth is crucial for the patient’s health and well-being since an impacted wisdom tooth will continue to grow in a crooked direction, causing pain. This surgery involves
    Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
    Oral and maxillofacial surgery involves the diagnosis and surgical treatment of conditions that result in functional and esthetic aspects of the hard tissues in the maxillofacial region.
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Obstructive sleep apnea is a condition in which the individual has difficulty breathing during sleep and experiences a variety of symptoms due to it, including loud snoring.
    Orthognathic Surgery
    Orthognathic surgery is also known as corrective jaw surgery that can help to correct any issues with the jaw including conditions such as sleep apnea and TMJ.
    Reconstructive Surgery
    Reconstructive surgery involves multiple procedures to rebuild or correct the structure of the mouth, teeth and jaw.
    Regeneration is a procedure in which a professional will fold back the gums to remove bacteria that can cause diseases and inserts bone grafts, membranes or other stimulating tools to promote tissue regeneration.
    Rubber Dam
    A rubber dam is a dental tool that separates the individual tooth from the rest of the mouth during the surgery to prevent anything from spilling into the mouth.
    Soft Tissue Graft
    A soft tissue graft involves removing tissue from somewhere else on the patient’s body and attaches it to the gums to replace missing or damaged gum tissue.
    Unequal Jaw Growth Surgery
    Unequal jaw growth surgery will involve moving all or part of the upper/lower jaw to a more-balanced position that promotes health and better functionality.
    An uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is a surgical procedure to remove or remodel tissue in the throat to help treat sleep issues.

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