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Williamsburg Dental Arts is a unique medical and dental facility that has been serving the Williamsburg neighborhood since 2010. Founded by Dr. Konstantin Rubinov, Williamsburg Dental Arts is a manifestation of a life-long dream; to create a health-oriented dental practice that focuses not only on quality dental care, but also dedicates itself to help patients achieve optimal full-body health utilizing a special concept called INTEGRATIVE DENTAL MEDICINE.

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What is Integrative Dental Medicine

At Williamsburg Dental Arts, our clinicians are part of a small but rapidly growing group of dental practitioners with the training and knowledge to not only perform stellar traditional dentistry such as fillings, crowns and root canals, but they also take into account, maintain and advance your overall systemic health.

Integrative Dental Medicine is a growing discipline whereby the objective is to understand cause and affect relationships between health and disease. Patients are counseled on how to prevent accelerated aging and chronic degenerative disease conditions, such as atherosclerosis. At the same time, patients are coached on how they can get engaged in a lifestyle that can turn back the clock, increase energy, sharpen their minds, make them trimmer, fitter, sexier, and help them live with much more vibrancy and joy. These principles are applied through dental medicine by addressing the 4 B’s – Bite (TMJ, Grinding/Clenching, Masticatory Muscles, Dental Malocclusion), Bacteria (oral pathogens, salivary testing, probiotics, periodontal therapy), Breathing (Sleep Apnea, disordered breathing and snoring, Body (Systemic Inflammation, Physical Inactivity, Toxins, Stress).

By specifically addressing certain oral conditions such as chronic inflammation, the relationship between the upper and lower jaw (bite) and breathing, our doctors are able to improve many aspects of your overall systemic health while simultaneously giving you healthier teeth and a more radiant smile.

Integrative Dental Medicine Therapies

Let’s face it, we do not see Physicians as often as we see the Dentist. Integrative Dental Medicine is often the first line of defense against systemic disease. The mouth is the gateway to the body. It is the only view we have to look inside. Careful assessment of the health of the mouth gives us an overall cross-section of the health of the body. It is estimated that 60-80% of all major diseases will manifest themselves in the GI tract first; the mouth being a crucial part and entrance of that tract. Diseases such as HIV, diabetes, cancer, chronic inflammatory and autoimmune disease amongst many others will ofter times show their early symptoms in the mouth first. The age old saying “Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body” has never been more true than it is today. No longer is there any confusion on the medical link between gum disease and heart disease. Research shows that Periodontal Disease and other infections of the mouth are directly linked to a higher rate of heart disease, diabetes and strokes along with other chronic illness such as chronic GI inflammation, auto-immune diseases and many other chronic systemic inflammation ailments.

As advocates of your overall health we are proud to offer these preventative services to all our patients! Our goal is to educate and support you on the systemic link between your mouth and body. We check your Blood Pressure at each initial and re-care visit. Your blood pressure is a great indicator of how your entire body is performing. it is a very global indicator of overall health and can often uncover a major health problem if one is present and hiding. Early detection and diagnosis is the global benchmark of high-quality healthcare. To those patients that are interested, we routinely provide Salivary and Glucose Testing Services. We offer 3 salivary tests through OralDNA Labs. The first identifies if you have oral bacteria triggering Periodontal Disease. The second shows if a patient is genetically at a greater risk for Periodontal disease and the third test screens of oral HPV bacteria that could lead to oral and cervical cancer. For further information on Salivary Testing, visit the OralDNA Labs website here.

At Williamsburg Dental Arts we care about more than just your teeth and smile. Welcome to Complete Health Dentistry ?

  • Nutritional Counseling and Blood Typing – A quick, easy and painless blood draw and analyses to check for your specific blood type. A nutritional plan can then be formulated for you that works best with your particular blood type.
  • Periodontal Therapies – Reverse gum disease and stop gum inflammation, gum recession treatments.
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  • Restorative Dental Treatments – Reverse facial aging, increase longevity.
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  • Nutrient IV Infusions – Various formulations; from hangover cures to lasting detoxification to energy and vitality infusions. One of the most popular and fastest growing modalities in longevity medicine. Request an IV Infusion with any dental visit.
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  • Appliance Therapy – Snoring, tooth grinding, TMJ, Sleep Apnea.
  • Systemic Inflammation Testing – Key Indicator for systemic health and future risks.
  • Salivary Testing – Tests for genetic predisposition to gum disease and resistant bacteria.
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