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Financial Options and Your Insurance

Our fees are based on the care, skill, judgment and time needed to provide appropriate treatment. We believe open communication is important and will freely discuss your care and associated fees with you before beginning any treatment. While we do not accept direct payment from your insurance carrier for services provided, every effort will be made to maximize your insurance benefits on your behalf. As a courtesy our trained team will contact your insurance company and assist with filing all the necessary paperwork to maximize your insurance benefit.

Payment for dental services rendered is due at the time of service. Patients choosing to pay for their treatments in full and in advance will reap an additional 5% book-keeping courtesy for all treatment in their presented treatment plan. We accept major credit cards and offer our very own In-House Dental Plan for all our self paying patients. For more complex care programs and for all major dental procedures, we offer several phased payment plans that can allow you to fit the necessary dental work into your lifestyle.

Unlike Medical Insurance, Dental Insurance is very different. So much so that the word insurance is a misnomer. It is more like an allowance plan that gives you a certain amount of money yearly. The plan dictates what that money can be spent on – Such as which procedures and which materials it will pay for and which ones it will not. The plan does NOT have the patients best health interests in mind and comes with many limitations that, if followed by the doctor, would lead to significantly sub bar dentistry and in many cases affect negatively the health of the patient. Most dental insurance companies still advocate using metal mercury fillings and will not pay the doctor for using medical technology that is the standard of care today. At Williamsburg Dental Arts we employ the best and the latest materials and technology to make sure you get the best treatment possible. When it comes to the quality of care for our patients, we compromise nothing. As a courtesy to you, we will work with all major dental plans and do all the necessary paperwork and submission on your behalf. The insurance payments, based on your particular plan will go directly to you. If for any reason you have not received your reimbursement after 30 days, we will inquire and resubmit the claim on your behalf. This Out-Of-Network approach allows us to maintain the superior quality of care for which we have become known.

WDA In-House Wellness Plan

The easiest, least expensive and most comfortable dental treatment is regular dental care. When you visit us every 6 months and we work together as a team, you will have a healthy foundation that will last a lifetime and we get a satisfaction that we achieved our main goal- to help you have a great smile exceptional oral health and better overall health.

We offer our In-House Dental Wellness Plan for patients who are not presently covered under dental insurance. This program provides basic dental services at a substantial savings and a discount on other services and includes unlimited emergency visits.


  • Two Dental Cleanings
  • Two Dental Examinations

  • All necessary x-rays at the time of your Semi-Annual Wellness Visit

    Includes Unlimited Emergency visits with any necessary X-rays as well as 10% off all Basic Restorative Treatment and Sedation Op.

    The Dental Wellness plan is a one (1) year contract and may be renewed annually at the participant’s request. All covered services must be used within the contract year from the date of the enrollment. Services cannot be carried over. Contracts cannot be shared and are not transferable. This plan cannot be combined with any other offer.

    Our Music

    Music has been used therapeutically for thousands of years; from ancient Ayurvedic treatments to more modern treatment modalities utilizing sound waves. One of the facets of SPA DENTISTRY is to use music to reduce anxiety and to create a welcome distraction from the sounds commonly associated with dental offices. Our music is custom curated by Dr. Rubinov, a self proclaimed musicophile. It is a vast collection of specific songs with varying deep beats, hypnotic lyrics and a large spectrum of treble to hypnotize, relax and place even the most anxious person into a pleasant trance. Over the years, so many of our patients have expressed their appreciation and enjoyment for these sounds that we have decided to share our music with YOU!

    Enjoy responsibly ?