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We have seen technology in today’s world revolutionize and create new methods for some of the same services that we have employed for decades. Everything, from the way we eat to the way we shop to how we utilize transportation has been affected by technology in the last 10 years. Medicine—in particular Dentistry—has been revolutionized as a profession thanks to modern advances in medical technology. As Dr. Rubinov puts it, “In the field of medicine, we can only treat what we can see. Technology allows us to see more and the more we can see the better we can treat you.”

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At Williamsburg Dental Arts we embrace, employ and specialize in using the most up-to-date, advanced dental technologies to minimized radiation, eliminate pain, and diagnose better for early preventative and conservative treatments to help patients avoid issues associated with conventional dental imaging and treatments still widely present today. Our doctors have advanced certifications in many fields such as Laser Dentistry, Microscope Dentistry, Sedation Dentistry and CEREC 3-D Digital Design to allow for single day, painless services for procedures that traditionally take weeks of waiting and multiple visits.

Our doctors believe that a healthy body starts with a healthy mouth. By utilizing the latest technology and material science along with top clinical expertise we bring our patients the very best in modern dentistry, oral health and esthetics.

Welcome to Williamsburg Dental Arts; next level dental care.

Below are some of the many medical technologies that distinguish our practice and the way we deliver treatment.


The Carl Zeiss optical microscope allows our doctors to perform traditional dental procedures that necessitate exceptional detail with unsurpassed quality that’s simply impossible to achieve by using only the naked eye or even with magnification loupes.

Williamsburg Dental Arts

The surgical microscope allows the doctor to perform complex procedures under 20x magnification all while looking through a viewfinder. Our doctors utilize latest Carl Zeiss optical powered surgical microscope to achieve a much better prognosis for important procedures such as cosmetic gum surgeries, root canals and cosmetic veneer and crown preparations. The level of quality and the long term prognosis achieved by using a surgical microscope is significantly compared to doing the same procedures with conventional magnification loupes or with the naked eye.


CEREC 3D design technology allows our doctors to deliver beautiful, metal-free crowns and ceramic fillings in just ONE visit. CEREC technology allows traditional crown and porcelain restorations to be done without any of the old-school, messy impressions and no temporaries!

Williamsburg Dental Arts

Enjoy gag-free, single visit Dentistry that is done utilizing the most sophisticated 3D CAD/CAM technology. That’s right! Not all crowns and fillings were created equal!

Williamsburg Dental Arts

Unlike traditional dental offices where a visit for a crown or porcelain inlay/onlay requires 2 appointments, we do it on just one visit! By using the latest German software and hardware engineering, our doctors scan the tooth to be treated and digitally design the ideal shape size and color with the CEREC design software. The tooth then gets 3D milled from a block of porcelain in our milling unit all before your very own eyes. Your all-ceramic restoration then gets custom stained and glazed before being delivered that same visit. The benefits are numerous; Guaranteeing a much better color match, saving you priceless time for a second visit, no annoying temporaries and no second injections to get numb again for your delivery visit two weeks later! Above all, by having the restoration be made from a direct optical scan you get the best possible seal, something that’s not possible from a conventional impression. This is not your grandpa’s crown, so why use the same technique ?

Soft Tissue Laser

The hallmark of any modern surgical and cosmetic dental practice, the diode laser is used in numerous procedures for a more conservative and painless approach to traditional surgical protocols.

The diode Laser allows our doctors to perform very conservative and minimally invasive alternatives to traditional surgical procedures. The Laser is substituted for a scalpel in many instances where small incisions have to be made. The Laser allows our doctors to work with no bleeding, no pain and immediate healing compared to conventional protocols that require the use of a scalpel. Also used in cosmetic gum contouring, the Laser allows our doctors to achieve amazing cosmetic results and symmetry when preparing teeth for veneers and for smile makeovers. The same results are just not possible without the use of a soft tissue Laser.

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The Wand | Needle-Free Anesthesia

Williamsburg Dental Arts

If you dread the traditional dental shots that leave your whole face numb and drooling for hours after your dental visit, ask to be anesthetized with The Wand. An alternative to the traditional dental anesthesia, the Wand uses micro-channel technology to deliver anesthesia painlessly to just one single tooth at a time. Great for small, single tooth procedures.

The Wand is the leader in the STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) technologies. A small tip is gently placed around the space between the tooth and the gums. The machine then uses electro guidance technology to detect the nutrient canals, specific areas around the tooth that allow for intake and absorption of the locally deposited dental anesthetic. This allows for a comfortable experience where only the treated tooth gets anesthetized, allowing for no downtime after the procedure and avoidance of traditional needles.

Intra-Oral Cameras

No more wondering what is happening inside your mouth or what your dentist is trying to explain. By utilizing the best in digital macro, Intra-oral technologies, our doctors are able to take detailed photos of the problem or area in question. This allows for a much more accurate diagnosis and also allows the patient to see what the exact issue is for a much better communication and treatment outcome.

Williamsburg Dental Arts

Digital Caries Detection

Gone are the days when your dentist or hygienist is diagnosing cavities with a sharp metal instrument. At Williamsburg Dental Arts our doctors use proven photon refractory technologies to see through the enamel and diagnose small cavities before they turn into major problems.

Traditional methods of checking for tooth decay can seem a bit archaic and limiting. Secondary tooth decay hiding around or underneath old fillings may be difficult if not impossible to see on just X-rays and with the naked eye, especially around old, metal fillings that tend to block everything out. By using photon technology, our sophisticated Caries Detectors can predictably diagnose the presence and extent of even the smallest amounts of tooth decay. The best part is that a digital file gets created and saved in your chart that can be used for reference later if treatment is to be postponed. No more “watching” and hoping. Your mouth is not something to take chances on.

Latest Digital Radiography

Williamsburg Dental Arts

Our clinical team uses the latest in digital radiology tech. allowing for minimal radiation when your X-rays are taken. All the images are uploaded digitally to your chart which allows our clinicians to review and evaluate your X-rays on a 20 inch, high-definition screen. The full mouth series for a new patient is the equivalent of spending 30 minutes sunbathing on a beach. Go ahead, put your shades on ?

Virtual 3D Dental-Implant Planning

Utilizing a 3D, Cone Beam scan, our doctors use advanced virtual planning software to accurately plan the placement and position of your dental implants even before the actual procedure.

Williamsburg Dental Arts

A surgical guide with the exact dimensions of your future implant tooth is then 3D printed and is used during the implant surgery for a quicker, more accurate and significantly more conservative, minimally invasive procedure.

Williamsburg Dental Arts

By partnering with a leader in modern diagnostic imaging, our doctors are able to upload your 3D surgical scan into specialized software that allows your doctor to visualize the soft and hard tissues of the treatment site in 3D. The dental implant procedure is then performed virtually on a computer to see the exact dimensions and limitations before the actual surgery. This allows for a more accurate procedure with no surprises and minimizes possible complications to ensure a quicker, easier recovery. Happy Healing ?

Periodontal Disease DNA Testing

The latest of the DNA technologies, this easy and sophisticated swab takes less than 30 seconds to perform. If there are signs of early gum disease that are not responding to traditional treatments or if there is a genetic predisposition to gum disease in your family, this is a highly recommended test.

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After a 7 day, in-lab analysis, a full spectrum of periodontal DNA markers is available for your doctor to review. By seeing the exact bacterial spectrum, your doctor can then create a specific plan of action to address the pathogenic bioflora with either traditional therapy or a specific probiotic regiment. Say goodbye to bad breath, tooth loss and gum recession ?