Welcome to Williamsburg Dental Arts. A team of dedicated professionals introducing you to a new concept in dental care. Led by Dr. Konstantin Rubinov, Williamsburg Dental Arts utilizes the concept of Spa Dentistry to create an eco-friendly atmosphere where patients can relax and appreciate all the benefits of well-being. It is simply an attempt to calm the patient via certain integrated spa-type services and atmosphere to create a soothing feeing of comfort and peace.

A surprise to many, this concept has actually been around since the late seventies but was very exclusive and expensive- being utilizing only by the elite few- primarily celebrities and athletes. A new wave of dentists, of which Dr. Rubinov is an active participant, have in the last 5-10 years revolutionized Spa Dentistry. With the advent of recent technology in the medical/dental industry, doctors can perform many of the same procedures that gave the profession a bad name in a painless, soothing and comfortable atmosphere. In this way, allowing the patients to kick back and enjoy many of the wonderful health services to make every minute of your visit spent an enjoyable experience, without the extra expense for spa-like pampering!

So brush those pearly whites and rest assured that whether you are coming in for an extensive cosmetic consultation or a tooth that needs a simple filling, you will be greeted with warmth, service and respect.  We accept nothing less of providing you with the best diagnosis and treatment that Dentistry has to offer. This website contains answers to many of the frequently asked questions. Feel free to peruse our extensive library and if you have questions, call us anytime. We will be happy to answer them for you.



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